“The Bible” Booklet

Below is an embedded PDF presentation of “The Bible” in a printable booklet format. Select the down-arrow icon at the top or bottom of the PDF to download it. Click the downloaded file to open it in your default PDF viewer. Select the print icon or File > Print in your PDF viewer. In the Print dialog box, under Printer, select a printer. Select “Properties”, “Layout”, then “Landscape”. Click “OK”. Select the number of copies you want (select “1” the first time until you are sure of your setup) and then select “Collate”. In the “Duplex” dropdown menu, select “Short Edge”. Of course, select “All” pages to be printed.

NOTE: The above instructions assume that you own a printer that can automatically print on both sides of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. If your printer does not support this, you will have to print page 1, manually flip it on the short edge, then print page 2 and so on. Keep in mind that each page contains two booklet pages. In this format, for instance, page 1 will contain the first and last pages of your booklet. Finally, you will have to manually collate each sheet in its proper “booklet” order, then fold and staple.

Booklet 1 npn - The Bible