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The Revelation


Never before The Revelation was written were so many incredible prophecies of the world’s most momentous events, the experiences and pilgrimage of God’s people, and the end of all things brought forth so wonderfully and dramatically, in so few words, in one inspired book.

It is because of this personal and widely shared conviction that 404Verses.com has come into existence, with its primary purpose to present an easy-to-understand, interesting, and often startling investigation of Revelation’s amazing history-spanning prophecies. Here, you will learn, through an “entry-by-entry” series simply entitled “The Revelation”, the wonder of God’s ongoing love for all of humanity through Jesus Christ, the true meaning of history, and the Bible’s final, dramatic warnings to a world in trouble…one post at a time…one verse at a time! No registration is necessary to enjoy this amazing series, but those who do register will receive a notification by email of it’s first January 2, 2022 entry(ies), plus continued alerts regarding 404Verses.com’s overall content additions and updates. NOTE: While, in its first “run-through”, this series will be presented in a simple “post format”, preparations are being made to present this same series via YouTube in the near future–which will include, because of its “live” nature, spontaneous and thoughtful expansions of what will have already been presented here.


As we study The Revelation, with each of its dramatic, eye-opening 404 verses being added one at a time and explained, you will also see these explanations being carefully and interestingly enlarged upon and, when valuable, clarified on an ongoing basis. For registered users, this means instant notification of such by email (See “User Options” in above menu).


The presentation of each verse will be more “fireside” than “theological” in character. Certainly, deeply theological presentations can and do have their place. Without them, many of the beautiful gems of truth we enjoy today might have remained somewhat or totally hidden under layered ages of human tradition and so-called scholarly argument. Yet, here, the intention is to simply present scripture compared with scripture, “precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little”, letting the Bible explain itself on its own terms‒to the glory of Christ and the preparation of a people for what is soon to come upon the whole earth (Isaiah 28:10; 2 Timothy 3:15-17; Luke 21:25-28).


Of no less importance than our study of the book of Revelation is the study of the whole of the Word of God. Please investigate the above menu categories “Bible Q. & A.” and… (more to come) for studies and other items crucial to understanding the Bible and moving forward in a genuine and meaningful Christian experience.